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There are many reasons that people move to new houses. Whether moving to another state for a new job or more temperate weather, or shifting regionally for a more suitable residence or better neighbourhood, moving can be stressful and expensive.

Apollo Relocation Movers and Packers leading movers and packer service providers in Pune, Maharashtra at India with a huge network round the globe that provide insurance services to insure your household goods, electronic, furniture, home appliances and other valuable goods against any damage while moving. We are believing in satisfy our customers from each corner in India.

Our major concern is that any damage to your items/gadgets happened because of natural calamity, or accidental occurrence should not trouble you.

What Does Moving Insurance Cover?

Typically cover any damages to your belongings that occur during the course of the move as well as damage caused by forces of nature.

Insurance for your goods is referred to as cargo or transit protection. Insurance coverage can be used to supplement the coverage provided by a moving company or to cover your belongings when you handle the move yourself. This will help you to recover your money.

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